Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create an account to make a purchase?

Yes, you will need to create an account to make a purchase and to share products with others.

Can I see what is available without an account?

Yes, you can browse the site without creating an account.

Is there a minimum amount of food or money that is required to place an order?

No, there is no minimum amount of food you need to purchase or money you need to spend.

What is the cost of shipping?

The shipping costs are included in the price of your order.

When will my order arrive?

The order ships the business day after the timer ends.  Unfortunately since Nov 2021, global supply chain issues have been causing delays with orders taking up to 3 – 4 weeks to arrive  Hopefully this returns to a more normal timeline soon. Prior to this orders would typically arrive within 5  to 10 business days.

When I join a share, do I need to go through the checkout process?

No, the person who posted the item to share (sharer) will pay for the item and the joiner (you) will pay the sharer.

If I add an item to the shared space, how is the cost shared?

The person who posted the item (Sharer) will pay for the cost of the item, the people who joined the item (Joiners) will pay the sharer directly.

Who will see my email details when I post to the shared space?

Only the Sharer (person who posted the item) will see your email details.

Why "Eat Better Than a Moose"?

Amazing organic foods, a space to find sharers, a better choice for the environment & reduced costs.

Moose eat only organic foods ….. but they don’t get to eat mangoes.

Come join our community

Yes, it’s all new and different here, the platform was built for the uniqueness of the Yukon. C’mon in and look around and for anything that isn’t clear please feel free to contact us.